Improve your Permanent Makeup photos using your phones camera

//Improve your Permanent Makeup photos using your phones camera

Improve your Permanent Makeup photos using your phones camera.

Being a Permanent Makeup artist usually means taking lots of photos.  This may be for case studies or your own portfolio. However, photo’s don’t always come out like you expect them to.  Here are a few tips to Improve your Permanent Makeup photos.

Lighting is always key when taking any pictures. Poor light means dark, blurred images. If nothing else always make sure you have a good light source in front of the subject.

You could place the subject near a window if it’s a bright day or use a mag-lamp if they are on a couch.  A glam-cor lamp is a great light source although pricey.  Alternatively you can get ring lamps that attach to the phone but they are not as bright.

Make sure there are no bright lights behind the subject.  Doing so will cause a silhouette effect on the face. I also tend to avoid using direct flash to the face as this always looks harsh.

Needless to say, always try and hold the camera as steady as you can to avoid blurring.  Most phone cameras allow you to choose a focus point.  Choose the area you are trying to emphasize.  Ie the Brows, Lip line, Eye line etc… other wise they will not be in focus.

Just those few things will Improve your Permanent Makeup photos and make your PMU photo’s look crisp.

We will be doing a video expanding on these tips which will be available to our students as part of our on-going support.  If you would like Permanent Makeup training that offers outstanding support, give us a call!

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