Course Packages

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Course Packages Overview

All our beginners training is delivered with the student maximising on learning. No noisy big classes. Personal training attention in a dedicated training room. This is why we have no more than 3 learners at a time. You can also receive 1-1 training with Founder and International Trainer Tracy Fensome at an additional cost if this is your preferred way of learning.

Microblading Brows

  • 6 Days

Just Brows Module*

  • 6 Days

All Round Foundation Diploma*

  • 10 Days

Elite Professional

  • 12 Days

Aesthetics Professional*

  • 16 Days

* There is no need to choose a kit or machine. We have chosen the best tools of the trade for you. EU and UK approved equipment and consumables. We believe our kits are the most comprehensive.