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14 05, 2018

Microblading 2 or 3 Day Courses.  Some things to think about…

By | 2018-05-16T08:17:51+00:00 May 14th, 2018|Training|

If you have been researching on who you would like to do your training with, you will have noticed plenty of companies offering quick start Microblading 2 or 3 Day Courses. Signature Academy has had a lot of students who have been on the Microblading 2 or 3 Day Courses elsewhere.  Here is some info [...]

11 05, 2018

Scalp Micropigmentation course at Signature Academy

By | 2018-05-11T23:11:30+00:00 May 11th, 2018|Training|

Scalp Micropigmentation course at Signature Academy Scalp Micropigmentation Course. Over the last couple of years you would have heard the phrase Scalp Micropigmentation or Hair Follicle Simulation. A very popular treatment amongst both males and females with thin hair or balding areas. Specialist pigments are implanted into the scalp simulate the appearance of follicles. This [...]

9 05, 2018

Improve your Permanent Makeup photos using your phones camera

By | 2018-05-09T12:05:11+00:00 May 9th, 2018|Uncategorized|

Improve your Permanent Makeup photos using your phones camera. Being a Permanent Makeup artist usually means taking lots of photos.  This may be for case studies or your own portfolio. However, photo’s don’t always come out like you expect them to.  Here are a few tips to Improve your Permanent Makeup photos. Lighting is always [...]

8 05, 2018

0% finance on Permanent Makeup and Microblading courses

By | 2018-05-08T13:51:57+00:00 May 8th, 2018|Training Options|

Signature Academy are now offering 0% finance on Permanent Makeup and Microblading courses. 0% finance on Permanent Makeup and Microblading.  We have been looking at ways to allow those seeking a career in Permanent Makeup to study  affordably. We believe that our courses already offer great value for money.  Though, no one should have to [...]

8 05, 2018

Ready for their new Career in Microblading at VTCT Level 4

By | 2018-05-08T12:24:52+00:00 May 8th, 2018|Training|

Signature Academy would like to congratulate our Microblading for Beginners students, Aimee, Rebecca and Caleigh.  They have now passed their final assessment and ready to go and start a career using their newly learned skills. From their initial attendance on our Microblading Brows for Beginners course to now has meant a lot of hard work, [...]

5 03, 2017

Permanent Makeup Training Qualifications have arrived!

By | 2017-03-27T03:28:30+00:00 March 5th, 2017|Training, Training Options, Uncategorized|

I am so delighted that my training company, Signature Academy has been featured in the on-line web site Beauty Finder for leading the way with worldwide recognised qualifications in Permanent Cosmetics. My passion has always been training and performing Permanent Cosmetics treatments. As a VTCT Trainer and Assessor for over 24 years there was only [...]

11 05, 2016

Removal and Correction Workshop

By | 2017-03-27T03:32:11+00:00 May 11th, 2016|Events, Training, Uncategorized|

1 day theory and practical workshop with Victoria Ammoscato at Signature Academy Luton Do you want to learn how to improve poorly placed PMU? To know when and how to lighten up saturation, neutralise colour and improve scarring? Understand treatment trainings and limitations. Learn effective saline removal method protocol and refresh your colour theory in this [...]

10 02, 2016

Permanent Makeup and Microblading Short courses. Be Aware!

By | 2017-03-27T03:30:17+00:00 February 10th, 2016|Training, Uncategorized|

Over the last couple of years we have seen an influx of Permanent Makeup and Microblading short courses being offered.  Some of which are as little as just two days for students with no previous experience. What is also worrying is that some of these training companies have trainers who have very little experience themselves.  You've [...]

27 01, 2016

Permanent Makeup Training Dates 2016

By | 2017-03-27T03:30:50+00:00 January 27th, 2016|Events, Uncategorized|

We have added some new and updated training dates for Permanent Makeup digital and microblading courses over the next couple of months ranging from 1 day advanced classes to 6 day all round permanent makeup beginners course. We have three 1 day advanced training days for lip, eyes and brows where you will learn advanced [...]

18 12, 2015

Permanent Makeup Training dates 2016

By | 2017-03-27T03:34:22+00:00 December 18th, 2015|Events, Training, Uncategorized|

A new year and a new career in Permanent Makeup, or perhaps some new skills in Microblading or Advanced Brow techniques to enhance your tool box of knowledge to attract new clients.  This is the perfect time to give your skill-set a boost in preparation for the year ahead.  For those looking for a new rewarding [...]

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